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I had bought a 2007 CTS-V new which made its way to my son who, having just the right vision, decided that ETMC was the place to go to have the Caddy "freshened up" in 2014. We made the trek from Shreveport and Jan and Stephen collaborated on what manner of resurrection was in order.

Without doing anything too radical the car came back simply transformed as if it had been off to Gear Head Boot Camp picking up 105 HP at the rear wheels. I'm a little put off that the V sounds so awesome and will melt the wheels off of my ride so we'll have to see what Stephen can come up with for me.

Oh, did I mention that the car now elicits a chorus of 'Holy S***!' from bystanders every time it's started? Perfect work, great price, way better than buying a new one.


I really appreciate the work your shop has done. I never thought I would have a car that is so street-able. It is constantly amazing me, owning a 780hp car that gets 27 mpg. I recommend ETMC to anyone who wants a Corvette that runs better than a exotic sports car. Thanks.

Johnny Gammage
2009 Z06
Nacogdoches, Texas

There’s a problem.

The car is TOO PERFECT. Seriously, I am so happy it’s unreal. You nailed it perfectly, this was worth the wait and I just wanted to let you know that I’m glad I chose your shop over anyone else. You’re a good guy and if anyone ever needs to talk to a customer for an honest referral, feel free to give them my cell phone number.

The shifting is amazing, it shifts so smooth. Paddle shifting is beyond describing as well, it’s so much better than before.

The cam choice is perfect for me, I LOVE the lope and shake and the power. The high stall took about 5 seconds to get used to – sure the pedal has a little bit more mush to it but I actually think it gives better street driving because you aren’t giving it SO MUCH gas off the bat. I can take off normally now without even trying!

I haven’t yet gone 100% WOT but I’ve gone probably 85 or 90%, and man the stall just whomps right up to the 3k range and you get pushed back in the seat and gives you that roller coaster feeling.

As for the paint job – spot on PERFECT. I absolutely love it – better in person than in the pictures you took LOL!

Seriously everything is great, hope to get many years out of the engine and transmission. Hell I don’t even care to go really fast like I was trying to do before, just cruising around in this beast is enjoyment in itself.

Plano, Texas

I would like to give a Big thumbs up to Stephen and Chris for the excellent work they did for me on my 2005 Pontiac GTO. I had a mini-tub done, new Diamond Clutch installed, CCW wheels put on, headers, and full exhaust, and the car looks and sounds woderful. Upon arrival, I felt like I was at home with some friends just hanging out. These guys are very knowledgeable and answered the numerous questions that I had for them. Stephen is working with me on my future mods that I will do next year, and he even showed me ways that I can save money in the process. Chris, the head mechanic, literally stayed late to about 1:00 in the morning to get my car done so I could leave in time. I traveled from South Louisiana, about 5 hours, to get these guys to work on my car, and there is no doubt that I will be back for some more performance mods. Stephen Covington, the shop owner and master tuner really knows what he is doing, and I have nothing but respect for him. Thanks guys for everything! Look forward to making the drive back to Texas.

Sean Hebert
Houma, Louisiana

A special thanks to Stephen and Chris at ETMC for doing the magic they performed on my 2008 Corvette, named "AWZUM 8" and now since their work and skill it truly is Awesome by all standards. I had talked to other shops around the area, and was to the point of not having anything done cuz they were just concerned about making money, not actually working with the customer and helping to decide what really is best for my personal driving type. Which Stephen took the time and didn't mine the several phone calls before we actually come up with what would be done. So by this, didn't mine the 6 hour drive down from Missouri.

The time there they answered even more of my questions without getting upset. The work was performed by Chris the head wrench, flawlessly and with fine detail to take care of my car. It looks as though it came from the factory it is so well done. When done, car was turned over to Stephen for the tune. And he really knows what he is doing without any excessive runs he got it perfect. On the way home it was a true joy to drive and no words can describe the feeling it gives me. The sound of this car turns heads now where ever it goes and I love it.

And I couldn't believe it until I got a calculator out and figured it up, it got over 30 miles to the gallon on the way home. Not bad for 650 HP and 551 TQ at the wheels with A&A supercharger, Ripper cam and ARH headers. All I can say is WOW

Garry Woods

Just like to give a shout out to the guys at ETMC again. I'm about 3.5 hours away from Longview and continue to make the drive everytime I get something done. Stephen has done a lot to my car: headers, cam, clutch, tune, nitrous tune, and most recently, axles, stubs, gears, rockers, and throttle body. About the cam, clutch, headers, and NA tune; it was turn key. I drove the car home about 18 months ago and haven't had to turn a wrench since I picked it up. The tune was, in my humble oppinion, perfect. I can drive at 35 to 40 in 6th gear with perfect street manners (TQV2). Perfect cold starts and 24-26 mpg hwy. car put down about 425 and ran better than I did at the track. pretty steady 12.5's which aint bad for an old slow fook like me. the nitrous set up that followed is more than i expected. reliable, safe, and has never failed to get me home after running 2 or 3 bottles through it. best time on old set up was 11.8 at 127 on a 2+ 60 ft(told you I was old and slow). My last trip really clenched it for me. rear, axles/stubs, rockers, throttle body in an afternoon. I trailored the car for the first time and got hung up in Dallas traffic. I was 2 hours late arriving and he got me out that night. he stayed late to work out a few issues with the valve covers, then stayed later when I asked him to smooth out my throttle body, then he left me at the shop while he went to his childs school play, then he came back and stayed later to refine my tune even more. He really has done awesome work for me and has never left me hanging cause it was closing time. Awesome shop to work with. If I started from scratch, I would do one thing differently. I would have listened to him and gone ahead and supercharged the gto first. oh well, live and learn.......guess i'll just have to learn to live with a supercharged SILVERADO thanks STEPHEN!!!you run an awesome shop!

Troy Hudson

After 2 years of searching since I moved to Texas I have finally found a shop well worth driving 4 hours to get to. Stephen and ETMC did a flawless job on my GTO installing a TH400, ratchet shifter, and single piece drive-shaft. Car drives better than it ever has before and I no longer have to worry about drive train issues. Customer service here is second to none and Stephen kept me informed through out the entire build. Will definately be coming back very soon for some more go fast upgrades.

Chris Angelico
2004 GTO

I am the owner of a 1999 Twin Turbo Corvette. I live in Sulphur Springs, Texas. I purchased a STS turbo kit for my car TWO years ago. The professional installer never could get my car running consistently and quit answering my calls. Needless to say he went belly up, out of business. I called the technicians at sts turbo and they recommended Stephen at East Texas Muscle Cars. That has been the best phone call I ever made concerning my car! Stephen installed a methanol kit on my car, tuned it to to perfection and now my dream car runs like a scalded rat. That 6 speed transmission gives me a smile in every gear! My car is not a daily driver, but since getting it back I have driven it everyday. I have a East Texas Muscle Car sticker on my car with pride. I strongly recommend this shop to anyone serious about getting the most from the performance car they drive. If you see me at car shows I will gladly take you for a ride. License plate says it all..NXT TME!

Kevin Rape
1999 Twin Turbo Corvette

Thanks much to Stephen and the guys at ETMC; you did a fantastic job on my 06 PBM A4 and I am very happy how the car turned out!

I chose ETMC because I felt that I would receive a high-level of professionalism and customer service, and believe that I did. I also appreciate his enthusiasm and concern for what I wanted. I went to two other places in the Metroplex for quotes - the first one, the guy couldn't care a less if I took the car there or not, and the other wrote estimates on the back of a scrap piece of paper. Nice, right? Stephen did a superb job, and kept me in the loop on what he was doing to the car and why. He even met me at Midnight so I could pick up the car.

I look forward to working with you in the future!!!

Lee Everest
2006 GTO

East Texas Muscle Cars (Stephen awsome) "is the man". He installed STS Twin Turbo"s and methanol Injection on my 08 Corvette LS3 coupe plus did his thing with the tune and Dyno, This car is totally awesome getting 28 + mpg. I took the car from Little Rock, Ar to Longview Tx and left it with him for a week, the car looks as if everything he installed came from GM assenbly plant, this includes under the car also.

He installed a vacuum/boost and fuel pressure gauge on the roof post dual gauge pod which is neat. If you need high preformance work (more muscle for your muscle car) this is the man to see, well worth the trip to Longview Tx!

J B Hipp
2008 Corvette

Special thanks to Stephen at East Texas Muscle Cars for helping me out with a few upgrades to my GTO. You can't get any better customer service than this....he stored my car for the past month while waiting for parts and installed them as they arrived. He even picked me up at the airport on Friday afternoon and took me to the shop to pick up the car after it was done. I only wish he wasn't so far away from Austin. He was very professional and he knows how to take care of his customers. Thanks again for the great work!

Tim Gee

It was worth every minute of the 8+ hours I drove to East Texas Muscle Cars! It's obvious that Stephen takes great pride in getting the most out of your car. I couldn't be happier with the outcome of my project. You're treated like a friend and I really appreciate that! He helped me with my rental car, hooked me up with exhaust that I needed and even offered to loan me his fishing gear!! Doesn't get any better than that. Great shop, Great prices, Great guy!!

Kevin W.

East Texas Muscle Car's did a fantastic job on my car. The GTO left the shop performing better and sounding great. The service was second to none.

Brian Harris
2004 GTO

East Texas Muscle cars does great work and sells top notch products. I have taken my car to other shops and couldn't be more pleased with the time and care Stephen takes in his work. When he tunes your car he doesn't just strap it to a dyno and do 3 pulls. He will take it out on the street and get it right, then he will put it on the dyno with the wide band for fine tuning. If I can't do the work myself there is no other shop I would take my car to!


East Texas Muscle Car’s should be at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to considering a shop to work on your car. Stephen treats my car as if it where his own, and I always feel like family when I deal with his shop. All of my questions are answered quickly and informatively. From tuning to complete re-builds, this place can do it all.

Toby Kendrick