Aeroforce Technology - Interceptor Scan Gauges

Single Price: $229.99
Dual Price: $399.99

Available in numerous configurations allowing you to match or customize your dash!

The Interceptor is capable of displaying the following parameters, two at a time (8 using cyclic scan), at an adjustable rate of up to approximately 20 times per second. Not all are supported by every vehicle, so there is no guarantee that the Interceptor will display all of these on your particular car or truck. If the vehicle is broadcasting the parameter, the Interceptor will recognize this and make it available for display.

A sample of some of the parameters is listed below:

  • RPM
  • MPH
  • Intake Air Temperature
  • Mass Air Flow Sensor Frequency
  • Mass Air Flow Sensor (lb/min.)
  • Engine Coolant Temperature
  • Injector Pulse Width (bank 1 and 2 if supported)
  • Long Term Fuel Trim (bank 1 and 2 if supported)
  • Short Term Fuel Trim (bank 1 and 2 if supported)
  • O2 Sensor Voltage (bank 1 and 2 if supported)
  • Manifold Pressure in PSI (Boost pressure for factory turbo/supercharger applications)
  • Ignition Advance
  • Knock Retard
  • Engine Run Time
  • Misfire information
  • Battery Voltage
  • Transmission Temperature
  • Transmission slip speed
  • Remaining fuel
  • Throttle Position Percentage
  • Throttle Position Voltage
  • Oil temperature
  • Oil pressure (some 8 cylinder engines)
  • Fuel economy (vehicle must have a MAF)
  • Horsepower
  • Two user configurable analog inputs
  • Fueling status (open or closed loop)
  • and many more...