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Lingenfelter Adjustable Launch Controller, RPM Limiter 2 Step & Timing Retard LNC-002


Sometimes referred to as a 2-step or launch controller, the LNC-002 can be used to provide consistent launch rpm off the line in drag racing and standing start road racing applications. In turbocharged applications the use of the LNC-002 also allows the engine to build more boost off the line during the launch.

The LNC-002 can also be used as an adjustable individual cylinder rpm limiter, providing reliable and fast acting spark based engine rpm limit control. This is especially useful in vehicles that have auxiliary fuel control systems where it is not possible to make sure that both the factory ECM/PCM and the auxiliary systems both turn off fuel at exactly the same time. If the two do not completely cut fuel at the same time, instead of having an RPM limiter you will likely go dangerously lean, risking severe engine damage.

With the Timing Retard function, the LNC-002 can now also be used to retard timing by up to 15 degrees. This can be used to retard the timing when you trigger a nitrous oxide system or to retard the timing off the line to build boost in turbocharged vehicle applications with or without the launch control RPM active. The Timing Retard function can be used by itself or while the launch control rpm limit function is active.

The LNC-002 is designed for use on all GM LS series engine applications LS1, LS6, LS2, LS3, LS7, LQ4 and other Gen III and IV GM V8 applications along with other GM V8 engines using the same ignition coil system.