2010+ Camaro SS LS3 / L99 Parts & Accessories - Air Intake & Induction

Camaro 5 SS AGP Twin Turbo Kit

AGP Twin Turbo Kit

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Here is a production twin turbo kit for your 2010+ Camaro that the market has never seen before. AGP Turbo's long standing reputation for developing and producing superior OE quality turbo kits has moved into the V8 world and really did it right. Utilizing cast Silicon Moly turbo adaptors, cast aluminum "Y" compressor plenum, mandrel bent aluminum tubing and a large bar-and-plate intercooler, this kit has raised the bar in the aftermarket V8 performance industry.

Whether you are looking for a nice 'simple' 700 wheel horsepower, or you want to fly past the century mark, AGP Turbo has you covered with this kit utilizing Borg Warner's Extended Tip Technology turbos ranging from 51mm to 61mm compressors. Additionally, we offer Precision's Patented Ball Bearing turbos as upgrades to the base kit.

AGP can deliver to your door a "Tuner" kit which doesn't include a fuel system upgrade or tune. Or our complete kit with fuel system upgrades and open HP Tuners base tune. Through AGP's extensive testing over the past year, most stock engine cars (including stock cams) have been able to achieve a solid 575-600whp with our base kit at around 8psi. We do understand that every car is different and every dyno is different, so your numbers may be a little higher or a little lower depending.

Fit and finish is what AGP is all about. Any welder can throw together a bunch of tubing and slap it on a car, but not everyone can excel at producing a quality turbo kit that can last the life of the car. All hot parts (ie turbo adapters, turbine housings, mid pipes, wastegate dump tubes) are 2000 degree black ceramic coated. All intercooler tubing is 6061 aluminum and powdercoated with a wrinkle black finish.

This kit will work on LS3 and L99 cars. The Auto cars will require our optional trans cooler line kit.

Tuner Kit:

  • Driver and Passenger Cast Turbo Adaptors with Heat Shields
  • AGP 46mm V band External Wastegates (x2) and Dump Tubes
  • Borg Warner S200 51/61 Turbos with ETT
  • Exhaust Mid Pipes with ending locations to clamp to your factory or aftermarket exhaust
  • K&N Air Filters
  • Cast Aluminum Air Plenum that Y's the compressor outlets
  • 20 X 18 X 4.5 or 12 X 18 X 4.5 Bar and Plate Intercooler Core
  • All Aluminum Intercooler tubing Powdercoated Wrinkle Black
  • Oil Feed and Drain hoses along with filtered electric pump and delay shutoff timer
  • All silicone couplers and clamps
  • All vacuum lines for BOV and Wastegates
  • PCV Assembly with filtered Catch Can
  • Tial Sport Q 50mm Blow off Valve
  • New Windshield Washer Bottle
  • Iridium Spark Plugs (1 set)
  • 3 BAR MAP Sensor

Complete Kit includes all of the above and:

  • 850cc Injectors with Plug and Play clips
  • MSD Voltage Booster or Factory ZL1 pump
  • Unlocked HP Tuners Base File

All the following are options to the kits:

  • Borg Warner 56/61 S200sx turbos
  • Borg Warner 56/65 S256 turbos (will require bell housing notching)
  • Borg Warner 61/65 S261 turbos (will require bell housing notching)
  • Precision Turbo 5862 Ball Bearing turbos (will require bell housing notching)
  • Precision Turbo 6266 Ball Bearing turbos (will require bell housing notching)
  • Precision Turbo 6766 Ball Bearing turbos (will require bell housing notching)
  • MSD Voltage Booster AND Factory ZL1 pump
  • Cold Air Intakes (will require minor trimming to plastic and pinch molding)
  • Heat Dispersion Coating on Intercooler
  • Auto Trans Lines (for L99 cars only)
  • 6,7 or 8 Heat Range Iridium Plugs
  • Integrated Water/Meth Injection System