ETMC saw the need for a shop that can work on these trucks as they are getting more and more popular and no one out there works on them.  We can do all your general maintenance from oil changes, shocks, brakes, trans rebuilds, or anything else on the truck you may need.  On top of that ETMC will be specializing in doing Turbo kits on then 1983+ non turbo 6.2 and 6.5 motors. If you just need a few seals changed or you want a spray in bed liner interior done ETMC can do it all.

1983 and up 700R4 conversion

Convert your TH400 HMMWV to a 700R4 OD transmission with converter lockup for up to 40% better Fuel mileage, and alot less noise in the cab!   We will take your 6.2/6.5 hummer and put in a Fully built 700R4 with all the best parts in it and also add a new towing Torque Convertor in it.  With this you will now be able to reach normal HWY speeds and even more if you upgrade to the Turbo kit we also offer!


1983+ HMMWV 6.2 and 6.5 TURBO KIT

Now that you have a OD transmission and can go 70-80 MPH and need more UMPH to get up those hills!  Add on this turbo kit at East Texas Muscle Cars and get up to 60% more HP out of your HMMWV.

  • Up to 50-65% Horsepower Increase
  • Up to 100-120 ft/lb Torque Increase
  • Increased Throttle Response / moves power curve more into drivable range
  • Increased fuel economy (due to more efficient fuel burn)
  • New high-flow cold-air intake system utilizes the original HMMWV (exterior) air-intake stack
  • Rugged and proven all mechanical turbo design with self-contained waste-gate control
  • Retains original “doghouse” engine cover without any alteration.
  • Digital EGT and boost gauges
  • Keeping with the military theme of rugged simplicity, the kits employ all-mechanical controls, with NO ELECTRONICS

There are two turbo kits available to upgrade most any naturally aspirated, mechanically injected 6.2 or 6.5 Liter HMMWV including: M998 M1025 M1026 M1035 M1037 M1038 M1045 M1045A2 M1097 M1097A2 M1114 and many other military variants along with the civilian model (1992-1993) H-1 Humvee / Hummer

Kits start at 6199.99 installed!

Photo Gallery

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Hummer H1 Modifications

  • Custom made Interior mats
  • Aftermarket steering wheels
  • Aftermarket Seats
  • New windows
  • New exterior mirrors
  • Window tint
  • 4 Speed OD transmission swaps
  • Turbo Kits for the 6.2/6.5
  • LS base 6.0 swaps with many options
  • Wheels and tires
  • Differential swaps  2.56/2.73/3.08 gears
  • Spray in interior liner for easy clean and a nice look
  • Radios
  • 12 volt systems
  • Air compressor with tanks for air tool hook up or to air up tires, or even blowing out the inside of the hummer.
  • Storage boxes for the rear
  • Led light Bars
  • Led exterior marker lighting
  • Pan and tilt systems for Thermal cameras and interior LED screens
  • IR exterior lighting for Night VIsion
  • Gun mounts
  • Winches