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Mustang Parts & Accessories - Air Intake & Induction

STS Mustang GT Single Turbo System (2005-2009)

Includes 39# injectors and Predator Tuning

Lower underhood temperatures

No need to worry about melting wires, hoses, or other engine components, as with a front-mounted turbo.

Ease of installation

STS turbo systems can be installed in about 8 hours with standard tools and average mechanical ability.

Cooler oil to the turbo

Cool oil is better for both the turbo and engine.

Performance Sound

The turbo acts as a muffler and sounds like an aftermarket performance muffler. Turbo spool and rushing air from the blow-off valve make a unique sound that will turn heads!

No need for major modifications to your vehicle

STS systems are designed to "bolt-on" to factory mounts.

Increased gas mileage

Unlike a belt driven supercharger, the turbo utilizes "wasted" energy leaving your tailpipe. Most of our customers get 1-3 mpg increase in gas mileage compared to their original stock mpg numbers.

Converts back to stock in about an hour.

More room under the hood

Future repair work or modifications will not require the expense of removing the turbo system to allow access to engine components.

Lowest Intake Air Temps

Low IAT's equate to more horsepower per pound of boost than any other forced induction option. STS intake piping provides built-in intercooling. Add the optional intercooler, and IAT's drop even further.

Approximately 500F lower turbo temperatures

Eliminates the need for a turbo-timer, which allows the engine to run after the car is shut off in order to cool down the turbo and prevent oil and bearing damage.

Denser exhaust gasses drive the turbo turbine wheel more efficiently.

Turbo is exposed to ambient air rather than underhood air

Allows for better cooling of turbo components.

No need for expensive headers, mufflers, or exhaust systems.

Turbo is closer to the tail pipe outlet

Provides a better pressure differential across the turbine wheel which promotes better flow across turbine.

Better weight transfer

Increases traction because the bulk of system is mounted in rear of vehicle rather than up front.

Less noise and heat in the passenger compartment.