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03-04 Cobra Level 5 900HP Axle/Hub Upgrade


This is the Level 5 axle/hub system, designed to handle 900HP at the wheels. It uses our extreme 300M center bars, but what makes this set stand out is its larger outer CV (redesigned) and custom hub (also redesigned). We have taken our time to produce a system that is not only streetable, but very effective to keep the power under control that these cars seem to make so effortlessly. The kit comes with both axles including the outer CV's, a set of custom hubs to handle the larger CV spline, along with a set of ARP racing studs to complete the package. Like the Level 2 you will need to re-use the stock Cobra inner CV, which is very strong, or you can order the FD45 kit which includes our chromoly Ball & Cage inner CV's already installed (list 1,999.99). This kit is rated to 900HP with a 1-year warranty.