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2004-2006 GTO Parts & Accessories - Air Intake & Induction

Magnacharger Supercharger Kit (TVS 2300)

$8295.00 Installed

Following up on the TVS 1900 Magnacharger is now offering this TVS 2300 version of their 6th gen supercharger. It is the same basic design as the 1900, but features larger internal displacement allowing it to force more air in the engine. This is the same style supercharger GM uses on the awesome Corvette ZR1!

In terms of power potential, seemingly the sky is the limit with this supercharger as it will put more power down than most GTO's can put to the ground. While it will perform slightly better on stock or bolt on cars than the TVS1900, it will really shine on cars with added displacement and internal engine mods.

Though this kit fits fine in most GTO's, due to the build variances in these cars, rarely some may require hood brace modification or new motor mounts.

This is a complete bolt on kit which comes with 60lb. injectors, 3.2" pulley, black powdercoat finish, and Magnacharger Mail Order tune. The kit can be ordered with a different pulley from the factory.

If you find a lower price, please contact us, and we will try and make it worth your while!

Magnasun Product Info

The Magnuson Model MP1900 6th Generation is a “State of the Art” supercharger and the basis for the new G8 Magnacharger kit. It was designed as a compact, flexible supercharger for increased power with original equipment quietness and reliability without adversely affecting fuel economy. The MP1900 6th Generation has proven itself in a number of original equipment and aftermarket applications on a variety of engine sizes. This version has taken this versatility to the next level with new 4-lobe, high helix rotor design and a built in bypass for unparalleled performance.

  • All components are American made; supercharger components durability tested validated and accepted by GM, Ford and Toyota.
  • Drive system has self-contained lubrication of specially developed synthetic oil. no maintenance is required on supercharger.
  • Air to water intercooled supercharger system includes the intake manifold intercooler core, secondary radiator, coolant reservoir, coolant circulation pump and all necessary wiring harnesses, hoses and clamps.
  • Cast aluminum manifold replaces factory nylon intake.
  • Magna Charger 6th Generation MP1900 supercharger with integral bypass valve. Same internal rotating group as LS9 Corvette for extended service life and quiet operation. Internal bypass valve reduces parasitic losses while cruising for increased efficiency and economy.
  • Mail in computer calibration re-programs factory ECU for new supercharged engine parameters, while storing factory calibration for possible future use.
  • Fuel system includes new fuel injectors, factory “push lock connectors” and computer re-programming for optimized drivability, and fuel mileage.
  • System comes complete with all necessary brackets, connectors, hardware and fuel system components including fuel line disconnect tools.
  • Instruction manual is complete with color photographs and is extremely user friendly with easy to read text.
  • Standard 3 Year Limited Warranty on the supercharger system with optional 36,000 mile/3 year Power train Warranty availability for customer security and piece of mind.