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2004-2006 GTO Parts & Accessories - Drivetrain & Transmission

Mantic ER2 Single Clutch Kit

This clutch is best suited for the stock replacement on cars ranging from stock to 700 HP.

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Mantic 9000+ Twin Clutch Kit

Mantic 9000 series clutches are twin disc, 9" (225mm) diameter modular clutches that are designed for high performance cars or track use.

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Mild Street Edge Converter for GM LS/4L60E-4L65E

The low heat, high performance torque converter designed with street use in mind.

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Pro Edge GM LS/4L60/65E Transmissions

Running more the 600pf of Torque? Designed with extreme torque applications in mind.

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Street Edge LS/4L60E-4L65E

Custom configured performance high stall torque converter for 98-Up 4L60E/4L65E.

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PerformaBuilt Level 2 Transmission

Our Pro Race Series transmission is the finest built street / race automatic transmission in the industry.

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PerformaBuilt Level 3 Transmission

Our INVINCIBLE series is our Extreme offering in the 4L60 transmissions series.

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2004-2006 GTO 1000HP Axle and Stub Kit

Here is our newly redesigned 1000HP Axle/Stub kit. This set of axles has the thicker Porsche style 108mm CV with full chromoly internals that is significantly stronger than the factory design.

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2004-2006 GTO 1000HP Rear Diff Stubs

he new Chromoly bolt-on Inner Stubs for the GTO differential will work with either your factory axles. They feature replaceable splines, in the event you should damage one, that can be replaced for a nominal charge without having to replace the entire unit.

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GTO 2004-2006 8.8 Rear Conversion

The GTO 8.8 conversion kit will allow you to install any independent 8.8 rear diff under a GTO. As you all know the factory GM rear in the GTO is decent but when you start pushing real HP in them they don't stand up.

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This is our upgraded 1000HP rear axle for the GTO platform. This set of axles has the thicker Porsche style 108mm CV and hardware that is 30% stronger than the factory design.

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2004-2006 GTO 2 piece shafts

Here is the long awaited 2 piece shaft for the GTO/Holden platform. This system is the strongest and most trouble free shaft you can get for the car.

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