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Vigilante Torque Converter


If you have an automatic transmission Corvette and are thinking about adding a cam, you will need a higher stall torque converter. We carry the full line of Precision Industries torque converters and can help you select the right converter for your application.

The introduction of lock-up torque converters from the OEM manufacturers in 1979 created a challenge for the high performance torque converter industry to develop, design and manufacture this type of torque converter. Benefits of the lock-up torque converter are less heat in the transmission and better fuel efficiency. Precision Industries designed the first 9.5 & 10.5-inch lock-up torque converter in 1992.

Precision Industries starts the production of these torque converters with a 98 pound piece of billet steel that they machine using CNC equipment ending up with a one piece front cover weighing 12 pounds depending on what converter series is being built. The billet front cover is one of many reasons that enable Precision Industries to produce a superior product over the competition.

Benefits include increased clutch surface area by as much as 5 times over OEM specifications. The increase in clutch surface area along with the unique clutch lining used ensures that no matter what the application, you can retain the lock-up feature for efficiency without durability issues.