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Camaro Adjustable Sway Bars - Sport


Install our Pfadt Sport Bars on your Camaro and you'll immediately feel more planted and in control! We've built our reputation on engineering well-balanced, performance minded suspension products and these sway bars hit the mark.

Made in the USA of high strength steel, our bars provide the proper rate of stiffness and balance. Our sway bars will inspire confidence and keep you planted for the ultimate driving experience.

Under-steer and the 2010 Camaro

The Pfadt Camaro sway bars required major engineering changes from the factory bar package to eliminate the notorious under-steer. Basic vehicle dynamics say that to eliminate under-steer you must increase the roll stiffness in the rear of the car - our rear bar does exactly that. That's how we achieve such great balance. If a sway bar package offers huge increases in the stiffness of the front bar, your Camaro is going to suffer from increased under-steer compared to the OEM sway bars!

The video below highlights some of the on-car testing that went into our sway bars. This video is a demo to show how much you can affect the balance of the car with swaybar changes. The day we shot this video, we tested a several packages which is a critical part of proving our engineering before building the product.