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2010+ Camaro SS LS3 / L99 Parts & Accessories - Air Intake & Induction


Lysholm Twin-Screw Supercharger Systems

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Complete twin-screw supercharging systems featuring the Lysholm 2300 supercharger are available for the 2010-2011 Camaro SS. These systems include all components required to bolt onto a stock LS3 or L99, including a fuel system and calibration upgrade for 91-octane fuel.

580 HP, 541 Torque on Stock LS3

The complete system will boost your LS3 camaro to 580HP and 541 lb/ft torque with 7-9 PSI from the supercharger at the factory redline.

550 HP, 530 Torque on Stock L99

Installation of the complete system on an L99 model will boost from stock (400HP, 410 lb/ft) to 550HP and 530 lb/ft supercharged.

Note: HP/torque ratings are quoted at the crankshaft (based on a percentage increase from actual rear-wheel measurements).