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TTrickFlow LSx CNC Ported Cylinder Heads 215cc


When engineers at GM developed the LS1 engine, they provided enthusiasts with the most technologically advanced small block ever. Now, Trick Flow engineers have raised the bar to Serious Horsepower and developed LS1 cylinder heads that significantly increase performance.

During the development stage, Trick Flow engineers determined that the valve angles needed to change from 15° to 13.5°. This change decreased valve shrouding, increased mid-lift airflow, and increased rocker arm-to-valve cover rail clearance. Testing also proved that relocating the spark plug position in the combustion chamber further enhanced mid-lift airflow and increased the rigidity of the casting to prevent cracking in the chamber area. Furthermore, additional material was added to the rocker arm mounting points for high-rpm valvetrain stability.

These new fully CNC-ported LS1 performance cylinder heads feature 215cc intake runners, 80cc exhaust runners, 64cc combustion chambers, 2.04" intake valves, 1.575" exhaust valves, bronze valve guides, and ductile iron intake and exhaust valve seat inserts.

Assembled CNC-ported LS1 heads come equipped with 1.300" dual valve springs (for hydraulic roller camshafts up to .600" of valve lift), Viton canister-style valve seals, 7° machined steel valve locks, and 7° titanium retainers.

Tech Note:

All TFS LS Cylinder Heads require the use of roller tip rocker arms! Any roller tip rocker arm for LS1/LS6 applications will fit the TFS heads.