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2010+ Camaro SS LS3 / L99 Parts & Accessories - Drivetrain & Transmission


Camaro Street Slayer Twin Carbon


The Street Slayer Twin is a fantastic street clutch with long life and factory smooth engagement. We use a full carbon floater plate which is guaranteed not to warp because the carbon we use can withstand temperatures over the melting point of steel without changing shape!!. Our competitors use steel floater plates that warp over time because of heat build up. A warped floater reeks havoc with your transmission causing missed shifts and pre-mature syncro and clutch wear. The all new Street Slayer Twin uses half carbon discs for better wear and more heat resistance than standard full organic twin disc clutches. The floater side of each disc uses carbon friction to rub against the floater surface because real carbon-carbon friction is designed to rub only against itself. The other side of each disc uses a high grade organic material just like the original Street Slayer. The outer disc also utilizes a marcel spring to give a factory smooth engagement feel. This clutch is also rebuildable. The flywheel surface can be resurfaced, the pressure plate ring and both clutch discs and the floater plate are replaceable.