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LG Camaro Short Shift


Introducing the NEW LG Motorsports short shifter for the 2010 Camaro!

This new short throw shifter is a direct replacement for your long throw stock unit. No modifications to the car are needed and the install does not require removal of the exhaust or transmission.

The sloppy factory shifter with it's long throws are now eliminated with just a few bolts and little time. This will reduce throws by over 25% of stock!

We now offer shifters for both stock replacement knobs as well as a threaded shaft version to use any threaded knob with a M16 thread. Also will accept our LG 'Man Knob' for those wanting a shifter activated switch. *BE SURE TO STATE WHICH VERSION YOU WOULD LIKE*

Riley Technologies, www.rileytech.com, one of the leaders in sports race car fabrication is now making the LG Camaro short shifter available on their GrandAm Continental Tire Cup Camaro's.